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Welcome to our Divya desam page. Probably you may be aware that the Srivaishnava shrines that were sung by divine saints called Azhvars who lived in Southern part of India in this Kali yuga are called as divya desams. There are 108 divya desams in total and two of them are not in this material world. They are Parama padam and ThiruppaRkadal. Other 105 temples are located in India and 1 divya desam is located in Nepal (SaLagramam). We will present you some basic information about each temple and would take you through all the relevent information right from how to reach there, Stay details etc . Since there are plenty of similar sites which basically provide beautiful images of Perumal in these divya desams we will concentrate only on rare information and unique images.

Also you will find the divya prabandham is assembled in a different order in this site. Yes! we have classified the divya prabandham divya desam wise and it will be handy for you to print out the specific one if you are visiting particular divya desam.Recite atleast few verses sitting in front of the perumal in a divya desam and try to visualise the anubavam of the Azhvar who has sung in divine ecstasy. I am sure your experience will be different this time. For your pleasure of listening we have also provided one audio clip for every divya desam.Choose the audio link above for listening to the clips.

Having said about the glory of divya desams, it is a sad truth that most of the temples are in need of financial support even to take care of day to day rituals. Those days the ruling kings have given lots and lots of fertile lands and jewels to temples for utsavams and now the temples not being looked after properly. We, the devotees of the Sriya: pathi should do our best to take care of these temples. Please come forward and choose one divya desam of your choice and support it for atleast daily ritual.I can guide you through how to go about on undertaking this kaimkaryam.Also please visit the divya desams when ever possible and seek the blessings of Emperuman, there. HE is patiently waiting for us to bless us and that is the only reason for HIM to be here in this material world. Those days Azhvars esp Thirumangai Azhvar has visited as much as 87 divya desams on foot and did mangalasasanam to PerumaL. Now with the facility of buses and cars it is lot easier to visit the temples.So make a promise to yourself to visit divya desams first around your home town  and then expand your visits to other areas. For your convenience we have grouped the divya desams in an order which will faclitate an easy yatra. Use the Navigation bar at the top to see How to reach the temple.

This is a participative site and you are welcome to share any useful information pertaining to any of these divya desam and if you know of any other famous srivaishnava temple which may not be a Classified divya desam still you can write to me.I will include them as appropriate.

Thanks for your interest. Hope you will enjoy our pages. Do leave your feedback in the guest book.


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